You never knew how smart your car could be

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Improve Vehicle Efficiency

Just plug the OBD adapter in under the dashboard of your car and your driving data will be tracked and synced with your tablet or smartphone

Connect your car to dashmatic®
Download dm® app on your tabler or mobile and connect it to OBD-dongle

Display and controll all incoming data of your car in one place

Excellent visibility
of your car statistics
All statistical data can be viewed in the app’s special mode that displays your car’s route on the map while offering a full range of technical data on the condition of the car at any point during your trip
There's no need to wait for mechanic's diagnostics in the event of a breakdown
Dashmatic will do it for you
Real-time diagnostic
The system automatically scans your car as you drive and lets you know about all detected errors
Monitor all critical values
Simple explanations of CHECK ENGINE errors and other critical values are available immediately, helping you save a considerable amount of money on repairs and maintenance of your car
Notifications history
An ability to log car events and the history of notifications provides extensive analysis capabilities
dashmatic® app auto-launch function
at the start of the car ignition
Dashboard design customization
Flexible customization feature with extended color settings allows you to fit a virtual dashboards look
to original factory interior and dashboard design of your car
Overload Protection
Overload Protection
Using the feedback function in our protocol allows Dashmatic to implement its unique FAIL-SAFE algorithms.
Upon reaching a preset threshold of critical parameters, the system automatically reduces the boosting
and fuel injection to protect the motor from running in overload